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Chinese Memory Game

To play this game, you need a number of flashcards with Chinese characters. Either select the most common characters or characters that the players should already know. There is a list of the most common Chinese characters and explanation for the flashcards on the page "The most common Chinese characters".

Number of players: at least two plus a teacher or someone who reads translations from the cards.

Stack the cards with characters up in the middle of the table. The students then take turns clockwise to translate and explain the characters on the cards until the stack is all gone. The students must promise NOT to look at the explanations on the backside of the cards unless they have won the cards in accordance with rule 1 or 2 below.

A different game with the same cards

All cards are laid down on the table with the characters up. The students take turns in trying to combine characters into phrases or words consisting of at least two or three characters. The students must be able to pronounce and translated the combination. If the teacher accepts a combination, then the student keeps all the selected cards and the cards cannot be reused. Each student is only allowed to try making one combination per turn. When problems occur, the teacher may suggest English words or sentences that can be translated with the available characters. The game ends when nobody can make any more combinations. The winner is the student that has the most cards at the end of the game.

For this game you may add some "jokers" - blank cards that can be used to represent any character you want or need.

N.B.: Both these games can be modified for training other languages!

More Chinese vocabulary games can be found at http://www.jarvismultimedia.com/lostrabbit/.